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Everyone, whether a "Jekkie" or not, has a special JEKYLL & HYDE moment. Maybe it's when you first caught the show, rocked out to the cast album, or even that time you felt particularly two-faced…

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Photo by Smallz & Raskind

Text 19 Apr This is My Moment

My Jekyll & Hyde moment was the first time i heard the song Someone Like You. I had never found a song that described my life so perfectly, and still does. That song became my anthem, and remains one of my favorite songs to this day. Not a day goes by when i don’t sing it at least once, and it has also resulted in me falling in love with the entire show. 

Text 19 Apr

My (patient) boyfriend is very understanding when it comes to me and my hunger. I’m tall, slim and I’m ALWAYS hungry. today I had a bacon cheese burger and fries and an hour later my stomach was rumbling from hunger. “Babe, I’m starving”. My Jekyll moment? Whenever I’m hungry. Make me wait long enough for food and I turn cranky, impatient and I’m not that pleasant to be around ;)

Text 19 Apr The Joy On My Daughter’s Face

     Two tickets to see Jekyll & Hyde in Philadelphia was my daughter’s Christmas present.  We played a trick on her by putting the tickets in a very large package with several smaller packages inside.  Her impatience grew with each package until she opened the final one - THE TICKETS.  Her face lit up and her smile grew so bright that I will never forget it - ever!  You see my daughter struggles with a form of Autism called Aspergers.  With Aspergers, comes depression, anxiety, meltdowns and intense focus on one specific topic.  Her topic is JEKYLL & HYDE.  

     She loves it passionately!  She has read the novella and listened to or seen just about every version possible, including ones in foreign languages.  I was even shocked to hear that she listened to it in German, Finnish, Swedish, and Korean.  She vehemently supports and defends the show against all critics, and takes it personally when others criticize the show negatively.  She loves the musical and everything about Jekyll & Hyde.

     My daughter has recently begun singing and acting and has discovered a healing nature in it.  The tenacity with which she works at it would make you as proud as I am - when knowing how difficult it is for her to just wake up in the morning.  And, how hard it is for her to even get out of bed and face the world.  Seeing, so much despair and sadness in her often is very difficult for me - as her mother.  And, it is even more difficult when I cannot make her understand.  I feel helpless.  I wish I could make all her dreams come true; yet, I cannot and I cannot cure her.  I can only love and support her in her passions.  

     I would love to see that beautiful smile on her face again.  It literally lights up a room.  Please give me that chance to share this happiness with her.  You will love her as much as I do!

Text 19 Apr My Granddaughter’s J&H “Moment”

For my granddaughter’s birthday I wrote this poem that I am submitting, because it clearly defines her special “moment” regarding Jekyll & Hyde.  It is entitled “A Dream Come True: the Jekyll & Hyde Saga”:

"A year ago, with a big smile and lots of high fives,

my granddaughter told us, ‘They are doing a Jekyll & Hyde reprise!’

So we searched and found the musical on a CD,

that she had played over and over constantly.

For months she sang the songs at home and in the car,

while she traveled to places near and far.

My granddaughter dreamed of seeing the show when it came around,

hoping it would make it to Philly town.

On Christmas morning she was quite surprised,

with two tickets from her parents to see Jekyll & Hyde.

Her and I were excited that December day,

to see Jekyll's star, Constantine, on the Philly stage.

His voice was powerful, and he looked great,

the music was wonderful, absolutely first rate.

She wanted to see the show again in New York City,

and she couldn’t go, oh what a pity.

On a trip to New York with her dad for an audition,

her dream of meeting Constantine came to fruition.

As she and her dad waited at the stage door after the show,

Constantine greeted fans and her face was aglow.

They took a picture together,

and he autographed a playbill she will treasure forever.”

Text 19 Apr This is my moment

Jekyll & Hyde was the first musical I ever saw.  It was my introduction to the theater and I have been an avid patron since. Meeting Mr. Wildhorn whose music from all his productions  has never failed to lift and inspire me would be a truly magical moment. So to put it plainly .. If Someone like you picked someone like me then suddenly nothing would ever be the same!

Text 19 Apr An Education

My moment happened while on a 6th grade band trip to see the Original production of “Jekyll and Hyde” on Broadway. Our teacher had selected a medley of the musical for us to play for our spring concert and so justified the trip to Manhattan. It was a show none of us would ever forget – the boys all loved it for the blood (and the memorabilia pens they sold shaped like needles), and the girls for the hopelessly romantic story.  The traffic we hit leaving the show was TERRIBLE, but we spent the entire time reenacting the show in the back of the bus (the boys using those pens, of course, to terrorize the girls). The haunting music left such an impression on all of us (I purchased the cast album and memorized every lyric). The shared experience of seeing the show fostered friendships and a love for music (and musicals) that lasted for years… these same students went on to take part in school and community theater productions, onstage and in the pit. Fast forward to our Senior Spring semester of high school. We begged our teacher to let us play that same medley in our Pops concert, and he consented. A group of us went on to study music and pursue professional careers (myself included). Looking back, I realize taking us to that production is just another example of the power of arts education.  And I have both Ms. Krinitz (our 6th grade band teacher) and Mr. Wildhorn to thank for that.

Text 19 Apr Jekkie contest—-R & R
Living the life of the Jekyll and Hyde to me was living the life as Rachel and Raquel. You may ask what is the difference , just a couple of letters? Well, in a community such as where I am from there is a difference you can not begin to imagine. The two middle letters is all it takes to change my identity.
I used to live a life as Rachel during the day and would enter the world of Raquel at night. From the first moment I saw Jekyll and Hyde I was able to relate to the show. I felt the emotions and changes in the character as if they were my own.
You must be wondering by now, what is it I am referring to. Well, I am about to tell you. In the day I was Rachel amongst many know as a Jewish frum orthodox girl from Brooklyn. I was Jekyll the “good well known jewish girl”. At night I became myself, Raquel just a girl who wanted out of the community, out of the Jewish life. So I felt like Hyde ,in the dark with the difference of finding a way to free myself rather than another.
I first saw the show on the road and was hooked. I felt I had a special relationship to the show. I too had a double identity.

R & R

Text 19 Apr This is My Moment

I was first introduced to “Jekyll & Hyde” when I came across the Warlow/Eder 2-disc set, and then the Wilkinson/Eder CD; I was instantly enthralled by the composition. I new that the initial pre-Broadway tour was making the rounds, but Boston (my home) was not on the itinerary. Then, one Sunday I opened the Arts section of the Boston Globe, and was ecstatic to see a small display advertisement for J&H, which was to play at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven. I instantly purchased tickets, and it was well-worth the trip to CT. Obviously the show was very different than what ultimately ended up on B’way, but it was such a treat to see a production that evolved into what I ultimately witnessed on Broadway years later. And now J&H is back - long may it reign!

Text 19 Apr

One of my favorite places to perform is a two-theatre complex in my hometown.  I was playing Bellomy in The Fantasticks in the smaller theatre.  Across the lobby on the mainstage was Jekyll and Hyde.  I was waiting for my entrance wearing orange and white plaid pants, blue and white striped shirt, vest, wing tip shoes and straw hat.  A man wearing a black suit and a white blood stained shirt ran by me.  We glanced at each other with raised eyebrows as if to say. “Somebody really dresses you funny!”  I said to one of my castmates, “There goes Dr. Jekyll.”  His reply was, “No, THAT was Mr. Hyde.”

Text 19 Apr jeckyled

when i think i might not win

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